Become a Guest Blogger

As a guest blogger for Venus Voice you will be able to…
  • Inspire and encourage women in business.
  • Provide valuable information for readers.
  • Enjoy exposure for your own writing with a wide and influential audience.

If you would like to have a guest post featured on the Venus Voice website please submit your post, along with a short author bio to Megan or Carolina...

We are also looking for MONTHLY CONTRIBUTORS to become part of our ever growing team of published writers.  Your content marketing strategy should start with great content published all over the place and we'd love to help.  

Also at Venus we publish Glossy Magazines regularly and you could also feature in those.

General guidelines for guest blog posts...
  1. Content – All posts must be at least 1,200 words long, 100% original, written by you, and never before published online (including your own blog).
  2. Credit – At the end of the post add a short one or two sentence credit, which begins with your name. This may include one link.
  3. Formatting – Please submit all posts as a Word Document.
  4. Please see our detailed Guest Blogging guidelines page here.
After your blog post is published we ask you to...
  1. Actively promote the post across all your social media networks and to your own blog followers.
  2. Check the blog post regular and reply to any comments on the post.

Thank you for wanting to write for the Venus Awards blog.