Meet Tara Howard,

The Driving Force

Behind Venus Voice

  • Award-winning Entrepreneur.
  • Founder of the Venus Awards, now in its eighth year.
  • MD at the Award-winning Langtry Manor Hotel in Bournemouth for 20 years.
  • Mother of four.
  • Ex-commercial pilot and flight instructor.

Tara’s vision

“In a nutshell, Venus Voice is all about local business women having their say. I want to make it easier for women in business to influence and shape events that impact their local business communities.”

“I want Venus Voice to become the go-to space for women doing business. A place for female entrepreneurs and women in business to help and support each other. Somewhere you can express your opinions and reach a wider audience.”

“The Venus Awards is all about inspiration and recognition and, in the process of running and organising them, I have been truly stunned by the huge pool of talented women out there, juggling careers and families to make a difference. Venus Voice is the logical next step.”