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Written by Julie

One of the things I find the hardest in being a successful mumpreneur, is taking the time for me, time to reconnect completely with my authentic self. We spend most of our lives running from one deadline to the next, solving one problem after another that it becomes often challenging to feel like we are making progress, or even feel that we are completely whole.

Juggling two businesses, a busy little home life with two amazing children, client commitments, keeping up with social media, the shopping, business development and so on can often leave me depleted. This is when I know that it is time to stop and reconnect. It took me a while to find the perfect formulae, years even to understand what my role actually is in this world. I found that once I discovered my true purpose and surrendered to my passion, everything else became a lot easier. One of my greatest trainer and mentors once said “Follow your greatest excitement” and this is how I am living my life today. This is my secret to having it all.

Understand Your Destination & From That Build Your Milestones

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You should see my desk right now, a plethora of post its, lists (completed and unfinished ones), note books and so on. None of these have truly contributed to accomplishing my daily, weekly or annual goals. When thinking about goals, it is always critical to know your destination. What is the purpose behind you goal, what is the purpose around that, and so on. Once you know what your ultimate destination is, then it is easier to imagine it. Visualisation is one of the key things you are being shown when studying the law of attraction. Visualise, experience and hear what your outcome will be like. I literally spend 10 minutes each day visualising what I will be accomplishing that day – and 10 mins in the evening being grateful for what I have accomplished that day.

I have much larger goals, some life goals. The same routine applies to that. Quite literally, show your brain what you want so that it can build a map of how to get there.

                 Think Positive 

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Did you know that we have roughly 90,000 thoughts running in our head each day. Our thoughts are on of the most deepest and intimate relationship we have with ourselves. What if your thoughts were just negative “Oh you idiot”, “What are you doing!??!”, “You can’t possibly do that”….then the result will be just that. A series of negative experiences.

It’s time to think positively. To internally take care of yourself. If you were to cut yourself with a nice, the first thing you would do is apply a plaster. It’s time to take the same amount of self care. There is some research out there that says that positivity has a significant impact on humans (and other beings) at a cellular level. Catch your thoughts, even your thinking and bring some positivity. And positivity will get back at you.

      Invest In Deep Connections

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As human beings we have deep connections with one another, we learn and grow together, we often even build our own self esteem on others (that will be the topic of another blog!). In an age where we have millions of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Snapshat etc followers, it is time to invest in true and deep connections. Pick 5 of the relationships that are most important to you and truly connect. Take time to be there, to say help and build that deep interaction with those that matter most. I find that limiting screen time is key to having healthy relationships.

                      Have Fun!

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This is the one that I think makes a true difference to how we live our lives. We are so busy. So serious and even some times so scared that we are paralyzed, depleted and exhausted. When the going gets tough, its time for a fun plan of action. Having fun replenishes your batteries. Having fun doesn’t have to mean going out to paint the town red. It means just taking time for you, doing something that you love. If life gets too challenging and you are stuck, put some music on and sing along, go for a run, do whatever it takes to get your strings vibrating as high as possible. People who are genuinely happy and content get more out of life, have a positive attraction towards others and feel that they are getting more out of their day to day.

There are many more activities that you can undertake. Overall, when the going gets tough it’s time to stop. Regroup. Rekindle with who you are and where you are going. Talk to friends and smile as you mean it. We have all had challenging times and I would argue that these are the moments that keep us growing. It is time for self care and a deep understanding of who you are. I often find that practicing mediation or even mindfulness helps in this aspect. Once you know who you are, it becomes easier to know what you want and build a plan on how to achieve just that.

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