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We’re Lawyers, So Why Did We Write a Book?

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Who was it that once said, ‘Everyone has a book or novel in them, but in most cases, that’s where it should stay’?

The glass is always half full here at Parfitt and frankly, if actors, models and musicians can try their hand at being writers, then surely us lawyers are in with a shot.

So that’s exactly what we did, we wrote a book. Without giving up the day job of course. What’s more, we had it published and celebrated its launch at the illustrious Waterstones. Between you, us and the gatepost, we’re still bursting with pride about all of that.

The topic? Divorce. That’s right, something that everyone seems to have an opinion on. It’s emotive, it evokes reactions, but as we see it, there’s a severe lack of sensible discussion around the subject. High time to put that right.  

Day in day out, our family law team meet with people from many different walks of life but many have one thing in common. They are facing the end of a relationship. For them, it can feel like the end of the world and in some ways, it is. An entire chapter of their life is coming to an end. The person they thought they’d be spending the rest of their life with will no longer be their partner.

They usually have dozens of questions for us. Questions like: “What does my future hold? Will I be happy again? What did I do wrong? What could I have done instead? Am I making the right decision? How do I protect my children and my family?

All those questions are perfectly natural and we set out to write this book – The Good Divorce Guide: facing reality when your world is upside down – to reassure people that they are not alone and that there is light at the end of the tunnel.


Sadly, more than 50% of marriages in the UK eventually fall apart. Which begs the question, why does divorce remain one of those taboo subjects? One that’s still ever so slightly off limits in certain circles, brushed under the carpet as if it’s not really happening?  

As a society, we often focus on what makes a marriage work rather than what happens if it ends. Divorce is shrouded in mystery and misconceptions. It shouldn’t be this way and if our book can go some way to address that, then mission accomplished.

The reality is that we all have failures in life. Some are in relationships. Some are work-related. Some are financial. Whatever the failure, this is what makes us all human.

‘The Good Divorce Guide’ is about removing the stigma and helping people navigate the legal and emotional maze, so they can find a new life and start again.

We feel proud to have hit this taboo subject head on and hope that it gives anyone going through a divorce the confidence to make a fresh start and plan for a happy future.

So, there it is. Our story about writing a book for the first time in Parfitt Cresswell history. We won’t pretend it was easy but we can whole heartedly say it was rewarding. Would we do it again? Of course! In fact, work is already underway with book number two. Watch this space for news on the topic.

The Good Divorce Guide’ is about removing the stigma and helping people navigate the legal and emotional maze, so they can find a new life and start again.

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